Course Outline: Find Your Blogging Spark

Do you already have a blog but want a new approach to it that feels fresh and exciting? Then Find Your Blogging Spark is for you!

And if you’re brand new to blogging, the course is a great place to get your start.

Course Outline:

What’s a blog? What are blogs like? And why a blog at all? 

The details of starting a blog, and finding your focus

More on finding a focus and what to write about

More thinking of what to write about, finding time to write

Finding an audience. “Why would anyone care what I have to say, anyway?”

Stop polishing and publish that post! And how blogging taught me more than Brene Brown ever did

In praise of slow blogging, immediacy, and why monetize means compromise 

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

149.00/ Register for FIND YOUR BLOGGING SPARK


Curiosity, a sense of fun and wonder, a desire to learn and explore. Oh, and you need a blog. (Don’t have a blog yet? Sign up for a free one at WordPress or Blogger.)

All the Details: